Dear reader,

Welcome to my personal blog! My name is Alexandru Lazar, my profession is that of being a lawyer, and my passion is law. From Monday to Friday I serve as a lawyer and law professor, but law is my full-time passion. The following paragraphs briefly explain what you will be able to find on this blog.

Of course anyone is more than welcome to visit my blog, as law affects all of us in various aspects of our day to day life, sometimes even without us realising it. Nevertheless, it is good to know in advance that the target readers of this blog will mostly be, on one side businessmen, to whom I hope to provide interesting information about legal topics from the field of business law, and on the other side my professional colleagues, with whom I wish to create an open forum in which to exchange legal opinions and knowledge.

The topics you will encounter on this blog can be divided in two main categories: (1) legal aspects connected to investments in Romania and Spain made by people or businesses around the world, or equally investment made around the world by Romanian or Spanish investors; and (2) general legal topics (private international law, mergers & acquisitions, commercial law, corporate compliance, competition law, among many others).

The lenses through which I will be analysing the previously mentioned topics aim to be innovative and different from answers given by now elsewhere. My motto for this blog as well as in my professional life is ‘legal outside the box’. Because I always try to think outside regular boundaries.

Considering this is an open forum, I am enthusiastically accepting proposals for topics of interest to my readers to discuss in my articles. Moreover, I will have special guests who will be writing regular articles.

Following the spirit of my blog’s motto ‘legal outside the box’ and with the purpose of advertising the innovative solutions offered by a conservative and traditional profession such as law, at the end of 2016 I will offer a prize for the most innovative juridical solution adopted in 2016. To enter the contest I invite you to send an e-mail which details your innovative approach to law. I will post more details about the content and the prize in the following months.

I wish you an enjoyable lecture!


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